DeepFat Fryer Reviews

DeepFat Fryer Reviews

So for my first review on Deep fat fryers I felt it necessary to do the Healthy Option.The only problem I have if I am perfectly honest is that I have never used these type of fryers for cooking the mainly Starters in Curry Cuisine I have only used these for chips/fries and fried chicken etc in the UK .I have to say this was a game changer for me for those especially when trying to get cholesterol levels down and fat intake.Although it’s not the cheapest on the market it is certainly one of the best.I would personally advise that you oven bake rather than purchase one of these though as it will have pretty much the same effect.

So for my next Review I have chosen the Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer.This is a very good Fryer in many ways. The most important feature which you may not think is important is an AUDIBLE Digital Timer. Why …..well when you are juggling with so many different dishes/pans with so many bits of preparation you can quite easily forget that your cooking something in the Deep Fat Fryer so when you here than noise you just won’t forget whats happening in there . The unit itself is very pleasing to the eye. It also has a window for you to check on the progress of your cooking and also has a good capacity.

On the downside cleaning can be a bit chore some and although the unit has good quality plastic materials these can become hot and also over a long period of time mark and wear.

Having said the negatives the price is very reasonable .Check it out below .

And Finally

The T-Fal Ultimate EZ is my favourite and I have to say should be an essential part of your Kitchen Appliances when cooking in particular Curry Starters and in fact many many favourites foods like Tempura and Fried Chicken and Fries etc.

Its a great looking piece of equipment and just look at what it gives you ….AN AUTOMATIC OIL FILTERING PROCESS THAT CLEANS THE OIL FOR RE-USE ……NOW THATS JUST AMAZING !

Apart from the element you can even put the other parts in the dishwasher according to the Manufacturers Product Description.

There’s 4 Temp settings ,an indicator light to show you when the oil has reached the required Temp ,a removable oil storage pan ,and a short oil heating time .ALL THIS FOR JUST OVER $100 YOU’LL SAVE THAT IN OIL OVER THE FIRST 12 MONTHS !

My only slight niggle is that i would have preferred a bigger capacity but who cares when everything else ticks the boxes


  • The illustrations are from the UK Version called Tefal Oleoclean Pro Fryer the US version is as below …..

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