Hot or Not !

Hot or Not !

If you are new to curries then it can be quite scary cooking for family and especially friends due to the different levels of Spicy Heat they may or may not like. Again if you haven’t tried Curry and you want to experiment then this post is for you.

On my own personal journey I have hated curry as it just left me with a really bad taste in my mouth especially when I first started to eat them .

However although I said I would never try one again I was educated by my friends who said have you tried a Korma ?

Having no idea what a Korma was I said ok leaving my trust in them.

Well although the taste wasn’t quite to my liking it was edible and gave me no horrible aftertaste like I had the first time. So knowing that I could now eat curry without the heat I started my journey through the Butter Chicken….then Tikka Masala ….then a Chicken Tikka …Chicken Balti and so on and so forth until the time when I could comfortably eat even a Madras which would have totally put me off Curry if I had this initially.

So my point is this…..Curries do come in many different Heats and dishes.

Whether it is Hot or Not is down to personal tastebuds. Fortunately there are ways of cooling down the hottest of curries with Coconut Milk or Yogurt so its always worth asking your guests how they prefer there level of Heat ….Mild or Hot and if you have totally different tastebuds to deal with then its worth either leaving some Yogurt or Cream on the table for those who require less heat or some Freshly chopped Chillies or even Chilli Powder or relish so that the brave amounts them can turn up the heat.

Test this yourself you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make without altering the flavour of the dish too much.

Good Luck

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