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Welcome to I thoroughly hope you enjoy discovering all about curries as much as I have developing this site. Along the way I have been amazed at some of the facts behind curries and also excited by the reactions of friends and family who have enjoyed tasting the fantastic new curries New and Old from around the world. So lets start by some good old info about CURRY,

What is a curry ?

What was your take on what is a curry ? Mine was a bit of meat and a few spices thrown together and cooked in a large sauce pan…..cos basically thats what I’ve usually been given. But when our ancestors started to make them Saucepans were few and far between. However the basics are there ….A curry is a dish made with meat or vegatables cooked in an Indian sauce with spices. Vague I know and probably what you expected but as you will see in future posts that a Curry is not always Indian and not always Hot !

How Old Is It ?

There is no real definative date or recordings of when the first ever Curry was made or invented however There has been archaeological evidence that Mortar and pestles were found in the 2600BC making it approximately 5000 years old ! Blimey thats old !

Where is it From ?

The obvious answer is India and again going back to the pestle and mortar theory that was discovered in the province of Sindh in Pakistan on a site called Mohenjo- Daro meaning Mound of the Dead men (You wouldn’t want to be born THERE as a male thats for sure ! ) This was called the Indus Valley Civilisation and believed to have been one of the Worlds earliest cities.

What about NOW ?

Today Curries are made in most countries throughout the world and many of the popular dishes in the UK and Europe are not heard of in India and Asia as they had been specifically designed for the not so brave ……in other words they are extremely hot in Indian and Asia . In India alone there are hundreds of recipes and variations of these recipes not just your average Chicken Korma or Beef Madras or King Prawn Phaal. You find curries like Bunjai Goat ,Achari Chicken ,Saoli Chicken Curry ,Kadai Paneer,Chicken 65 ,Kerala Prawn,Pork Balchao to name just a few.

Some of the new upper market restaurants have even taken Curries to a totally different level. Producing dishes even at Michelin Star level.Indian cuisine offering Rabbit,Seabass Scallops and Crab cooked in all different ways but unless you want to spend lots of time and Money on specialist equipment and the finest produce its best left to the chosen few.


So from humble beginnings using just some firewood or stones to cook on to the latest Steamers and Tandori Ovens our journey from the beginning starts right here.

A total new insight to preparing,cooking or just tasting curries is here for you to enjoy .

Welcome to your beginning of LOVE YOUR CURRY.COM

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