Let’s just throw one together !

Let’s just throw one together !

So after a day recovering from a late night partying with friends I decided to make a curry. In fact I’ve decided to just throw one together using a handful of the usual spices and some chicken.

I just thought after reading through a few curry recipe books and having a surf on the net I’ll just make one up cos there’s nothing I fancy .So here goes let’s see what I decide to use how I am going to cook it and whether I tweak it on the way through to suit my wife tastebuds as well as my own

I’m going to start off by putting a bit of oil in a pan and fry off a couple of onions.After that’s done I’m going too throw in a teaspoon of grated garlic and a teaspoon off grated ginger. So now my onions are a bit darker in colour and my garlic and ginger have lost a bit of their strong smell I’m going to add a few bits from my spice cupboard.

Let’s start with choosing a teaspoon of coriander and cumin both ground ,half a teaspoon of fenecreek seeds,ground cardamon, turmeric, chilli flakes and a good desert spoon of garam masala.once all that’s cooking away I’m going to add a bit of water so nothing sticks or burns to the pan.

Hmm let’s add a standard tin of chopped tomatoes into the mix .A good stir and a dollop of tomato purée then good stir again.

Now before I go any further I need to taste this little beauty.

Hmm a bit tart so need to add a couple of other elements.Let’s go with some chicken stock and a little teaspoon of cider vinegar followed by a squirt or teaspoon of honey.Taste it again and that’s just right.

So all I need to do now is throw the chicken in (2 medium sized breasts cubed ) and give it a goI d stir so it’s all covered by the sauce. Put a lid on the dish.
Lower the heat to 5 on electric or change from a medium gas ring to a small one and let this cook for a good half an hour.

Whilst this is cooking I’ll make some Aloo Gobi.
Do check your curry just in case it’s getting to thick it shouldn’t if it’s covered if anything it should get a bit watery.

When the half an hour is up then remove the cover.Now mine was quite watery and so I needed to thicken the sauce up.I usually just whack the heat up a bit and let the heat evaporate a lot of the water but some people choose to use cornflour or other stuff to thicken it .It’s really up to you,I just find that adding any kind of flour can change the taste of the dish.

For a little more colour you can ,chop up some Fresh coriander even the stalks as theirs good flavour in these and add to your dish just before serving.

Well happy days it’s a winner winner curry chicken dinner nice and hot and sweet bit like a Pathia but a little hotter just the way the wife likes it.Hope you enjoy it too.
And don’t forget you can send me your favourites to sean@loveyourcurry.com if I like them I’ll pop them here for all to enjoy.

Bye for now


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