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I hope that this page will bring you to all of the New or Trusted products that you will need in order to thoroughly enjoy your Journey of producing some exciting Curries for you your friends and family to enjoy.

Whether this be a great new set of Knives or a Tandoori Oven or even some of the unusual ingredients and spices that you may never of heard of and you can’t get from your local stores. I have included some of the essentials but take a look on the link below for a whole host of Cooking Essentials.

Sur La Table

TANDOOR OVENS are few and far between unless you go to the Professional Market however you may want to Take a peep at this one …Click Here

ELECTRIC SPICE GRINDERS are a true delight at saving time there are many of these but my favourites are like this one….Click Here…as it is easy to remove your ground spices from this one and has many settings to preserve the flavours of the spices when grinding. It also has a bigger capacity than many which helps if you want to make bulk spice combinations.Having said that it’s not cheap if you’re looking for a budget alternative CLICK HERE…. for details of the Grinder Below

KNIVES are so important as you will be constantly using these in Meat Poultry and Fish preparation so DON’T deny yourself a good set.If you’re looking for some excellent knives that will last and makes ease of Boning Meat etc. hover ya mouse and click  …THIS… If you want a great Chef’s knife then Checkout  THIS…..  and if you are looking for an everyday knife set for Value  CLICK HERE ..or Below for further details of the set below. 


WOKS you may think are all the same but there not . Don’t whatever you do go cheap here as unfortunately they can break and on cheaper allegedly non stick ….well the non stick comes off….Click Here….for my recommendation. Don’t forget if you have an Induction hob not all woks will work on them ! If you do want budget the Wok below is a great choice .

DEEP FAT FRYERS..An absolute must when preparing many of your Indian starters and also Asian Deserts, The 2 I have chosen not only look the part but they are extremely functional .My favourite being the T-Fal Ultimate EZ also known as the Tefal Oleoclean Pro in the UK and EU markets. Just take a look for yourself at the Patented Oil Filtration System …

My alternative choice would be the Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep fryer as again it looks good it has the window to check your food and also has an audible noise to alert you when your time is up .Check it out …..