Love Your Curry

Love Your Curry

When I first started to look into the fascinating subject of Curry,I wanted to create a Website to help many people understand the Variety of curries what Utensils would be helpful, the different styles and also how to cook and prepare curries .

What I have been amazed at so far in this Journey is the lack of Knowledge in many countries of even the meaning of a curry . In fact some people have contacted me to say I thought curry was just a load of spices or I didn’t know curry was a dish! . On the flip side I have had people contacting me saying that the few recipes I have provided aren’t truly Traditional recipes that they eat on a daily basis which doesn’t surprise me at all as the recipes I have added so far have been commercial recipes tamed for the european tastebuds .

I would just like to say that this whole website intends to be a Journey for many different people all around the world .

In creating LOVEYOURCURRY I want to help many people enjoy different tastes and also be able to learn how to create there own bespoke flavours and dishes.

Due to the incredible amount of dishes from around the world I will be adding a recipe a week initially and I would love to have your input on your favourite dishes or even your favourite recipes if you wish to share these.

I have started in India and this will probably take 12 months to complete just a few of these recipes having said that I will attempt with your help to put more and more on .

So thank you for taking time to Visit LOVEYOURCURRY and I really hope you enjoy the content as much as I enjoy creating it.

All the very best


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