My Favourites so far….

So Many…..

I have so many favourites and the more and more I try the more and more favourites I keep adding to my list.

Currently I will focus on 3 which I would call the Standard curries that I have tried and tested with many Friends and so far they keep coming back for more…

Beef Madras……

Chicken Tikka Masala……

Pork Balchao …….

All of which I have given a twist to in the preparation. One of the most Important elements to every one of these dishes is the Meat or Poultry you use .

Due to the places where these originate and the difference in the way we source our Meat and Poultry you will find that the quality you use and also the time you choose to prepare and cook these will make a massive difference to the overall dish.

For example if you use some cubed stewing Beef or Shoulder of Pork these can be quite fatty or tougher therefore taking much longer to cook and changing the look and consistently of your Curry.

In most of my Beef and Pork Dishes I use very lean meat and as the butcher recognises me now, he usually cuts the fat away. I alway use Pork tenderloin and often marinated overnight before using this. This gives you an incredibly deep spicy flavour .With chicken most people prefer and insist that the thighs of the chicken are more tender and flavoursome but I think that when your using a large amount of spices for curries breast is best .Just my personal take as I can see a lot of you disagreeing with me on this.

Again one thing when making these dishes is to ensure you get the right ingredients and with spices heat them a little to release the flavours just for a 20 or 30 seconds and with the creams or yoghurts try and use greek style natural yoghurts and fresh cream not UHT where and if possible

These 3 curries are just winners overtime I have entertained and they can be frozen. In fact sometimes they taste even better after being frozen . I hope you enjoy as you will see there will be plenty more to come.