Potatoes … I just love them !

Potatoes … I just love them !

The crazy thing about potatoes is that they are so versatile .Lets face it you can have them Mashed,Chipped,Boiled ,Fried ,Creamed, Baked ,Stuffed Crispin.

So what about SPICING them……..

I’ve already posted my recipe on making Potato Pakoras wrapped in bread and deep fried but you can deep fry them in many ways. I am going to add these recipes to my site but I just thought I’d give you a brief list of the few ways to make the humble Potato a part of your curry night by choosing several options rather than just the Chipped Potato or Fries as our US friends call them with a meal. As a point of interest if you decide to pop over to Wales you will most likely hear people ask for half and half ! What’s that I hear you say… Well the beloved Welsh amounts us have half Rice and Half Chips ….strange …but true. So without further adue here’s a few dishes I love making.

  • Masala Mash………..A simple dish as you well may imagine which consists of the fluffy mash you may all know and love with some lovely aromatic spices mixed in to give that asian kick.
  • Spiced Chips/Fries…..Again a simple take on home made fries but just coating them in some spicy mouthwatering flavours.
  • Bombay Potatoes….Quite interesting really as there are many recipes for this some using tomatoes some without so may be worth trying the different versions which I will list for you.Most have garam masala and most mustard seeds one thing is for sure I’ve tried both and think they are equally as tasty.
  • Allo Gobi…… Aloo Gobi is basically Potatoes and Cauliflower mixed in some lovely spices and served in one dish. It can be eaten as a main course for vegetarians or its a perfect side dish with a main.
  • Spicy Potato Balls…. Crispy on the outside and smooth and punchy on the inside these are great for buffet bites or as a side dish.
  • Potato Thokku…..Very similar to Bombay Potatoes although a little more complex in the making due to the south Indian Sambar which you can purchase or try and make. Dry lentils are part and parcel of the spice ingredients which sets it apart from the Bombay Potatoes
  • Masala Aloo….. Very similar in taste to the Masala Mash with an obvious difference in Texture.
  • Chilli Tamarind Potatoes… Now not everyones taste tamarind due to its sweet and tangy or tangy and tartness subject to which way you use it (as in juice or paste and amount ) this also has some heat thrown in from the chilli but thankfully you can adjust this to you or your guests tastes.
  • Stuffed Potato Cakes…..Deeee…Licious… The beauty of this dish I find is that you can really tweak it just like the Breaded Stuffed Pakoras. So whether you want to stuff them with meat ,fish or veg they will be a winner.

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