Talented Chef Stu Deeley Wins Masterchef.

Talented Chef Stu Deeley Wins Masterchef.

Well if you want to see curry cooked at a totally different standard and level then Stu Deeley has taken the traditional Birmingham Balti’s to a different level with his amazing Skills that led him to win Masterchef 2019 UK.

Its clear to see why Stu won last years Masterchef when you watch the series and look at the outstanding dishes he made throughout the whole series of Masterchef. When you see Indian food being prepared in such inspirational ways you can truly understand why he has a passion for the many dishes you can make and remaster in this fascinating culture of food.

What I loved about Stu was his interpretation of the basic dishes that we all associate with Curries. Just by adding some (occasional off the wall ) ingredients and some (out there ) techniques he just encapsulated the idea of how you can bring some basic ingredients to a different level and different market place . The beginning of no doubt a Michelin Star Chef.

So a big Congratulations to you Stu from Love your curry.com and look forward to seeing and hopefully tasting some of your amazing dishes in 2020.

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