Understanding your ingredients….

Understanding your ingredients….

When I first started to get interested in the world of curries I was very ignorant and I didn’t really understand what each ingredient did or tasted like or even where to purchase.

The further I go along this journey the more and more I am learning how to tweak my curries and in order to do this I am learning what the different spices are and how they affect the overall taste.

So my challenge to you is to learn as many ingredients as you can and understand how they can change the flavours to your curry.

Also learn the different types of pulses and flours as this will also give you a better understanding on how certain starters or side dishes are created and you can also create your own.This also goes for breads and Dips you will be amazed at what you can use to make a really tasty original Dip as you can see from my selection.

When understanding your ingredients you will also notice that they will have different names in different countries so you may need to learn these also. As sometimes when you are asking for them in a different country they will say ….no we do not stock this…..and then you will go past a shelf with them on but called something totally different.

I have experienced this very recently when looking for Gram Flour.As gram Flour is also called chickpea Flour and where I am living the local stores didn’t stock it and said i would have to drive at least an hour or buy online. Then i just popped the question on Facebook and someone told me that it was sold around the corner in the local supermarket called Harina de Garbanzos which when translated means Chickpea Flour. Ridiculous as I used to wait to go back to the UK to get some or drive over an hour away then be disappointed as they had run out of stock.

So make sure you do a little homework before you take your shopping list out with you and then at least you will save time. Falling that there are plenty of great online stores where you can get the ingredients from.

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