Wow….Garlic turns Blue/Green !

Wow….Garlic turns Blue/Green !

So a first for me !

As I’m preparing one of my dishes and cooking the onions off adding ginger …I then add my Garlic !

I turn away to get my spices to add to the dish and look into my Wok and find my mixture looks like its all gone off as its an aqua green blue colour….

Panicking I think to my self do I just carry on…do I get rid of the whole dish and start again…or sift out the dodgy looking pieces although they were just all over my mixture.

Thinking to myself well by the time everything else goes in it will look fine,I can’t smell anything that maybe off and by the time its been cooking for 3 hours most of the whatever it is bacteria will be killed off.

So I carry on regardless.

But then after I have put the finished dish in the oven….the guilt trips in….

What if …..just what if ….I give everyone FOOD POISONING !!!

Hmm just better do a Google Search on it.

So……PANIC over …..

The simple facts are that :-Naturally occurring sulfur in the garlic interacts with those enzymes, occasionally turning it slightly green or blue. Sometimes the color change happens, sometimes it doesn’t. … Anytime you cook garlic or onions in a high-acid solution—say you sauté them,this issue could occur.

PHEW………….Just thought I’d share this little gem with you…

So carry on and just LOVE YOUR CURRY…..

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